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I’d like remakes of the two Wii games with reworked controls and Sonic Heroes because the latter has too many cheap deaths . @Bolt_Strike The adventure games are amazing and this is coming from someone who has no nostalgia for them. I played them within the past year and they are really good. The main problem I have with them is how cringy the story cutscenes are, but beyond that they hold up extremely well. A WiiWare release with a dozen side-scrolling stages, it satiated a portion of fans at the time.

  • It was a series that could almost be considered antithetical to the video game gun.
  • She’s actually a human girlfriend for our perpetually 15-year-old hedgehog…
  • If the high-speed multiplayer pyrotechnics of Sonic 2 Genesis were reined in slightly for this version, in their place were new vehicle modes and gameplay gimmicks to push the 8-bit hardware.

“Now that you know a little bit about the story we wrote in coming up with Sonic, I think you can see why the Sonic emblem looks the way it does,” added Yasuhara. It wasn’t the only idea, of course — they also considered making Sonic an armadillo, a porcupine, a dog, and a surly old guy with a mustache (this last idea eventually made its way into the character design of Eggman Dr. Robotnik). A minimum of 3 characters are required to be typed in the search bar in order to perform a search. If nothing else, Tails’ real name, Miles Prower, is one of the most exquisite canonical dad jokes in all of video play sonic games on line gaming. As you can see in the trailer, there’s a lot going on in just this quick 30-second glimpse. There’s plenty of full-speed, open-world running, lots of rails to grind on, enemies to destroy, and it appears there are even tower-like checkpoints to activate or interact with.

Just one look at literally any cutscene should be enough to tell you why that’s not the case. For more news on Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and the 2022 movie releases, make sure to spin dash by here often. Lastly, this is the only video game movie that has actually made me excited for a sequel.

A List to Play All the Main Line Sonic the Hedgehog Games in Order

Whenever someone thinks of Nintendo, Mario is always the first that pops in their heads. Whenever Capcom is mentioned, people would go either with Mega Man, Street Fighter, or Resident Evil. However, one video game company, in particular, has one video game character that distinguished itself as one of the most influential for high-speed gameplay in the industry. The lock-on technology allowed some other interesting features when you plugged in Sonic 1 or Sonic 2 to the Sonic & Knuckles cart. The latter opened up the entirety of Sonic 2 to the character of Knuckles while the former brought up an error screen, but did allow players to access the blue sphere bonus stages from Sonic 3 by pushing the A, B, or C buttons. Serving its purpose, the technology fell into disuse but stands as a testament to Sonic Team’s dedication and ability to overcome the limitations of its hardware at the time.

If you’re looking for a game with incredible music and excellent gameplay, give Kaze and the Wild Masks a shot. Freedom Planet is a combat-based platformer that takes place in a futuristic world filled with robots and other technological beings. In this game, players follow the adventures of Lilac and Carol, who are up against an alien attack force threatening to destroy their home world. So without further ado, we present 8 games to check out if you’re looking for a game like the classic Sonic the Hedgehog titles.

During this incident, Doctor Robotnik had brought over Doctor Robotnik Nega, another dimensional version of himself who steals the Chaos Emeralds. Now that there are two evil scientists in control of two sets of emeralds, Sonic and his new alternate dimension friend, Blaze the Cat, must stop the evil geniuses at all costs. That said, Sonic and pals look bloody weird all Minecraft’d up like this. The artists have clearly put a lot of effort into making this work, but I’ll never get over your man’s cuboid spines.

December 2018

One topic that is rather blurry right now is how the games are actually being developed. Emulator-based porting is a significantly easier task and, if they’d done it this way, the game could quite possibly have been in our hands by now. However, Takashi Iizuka, one of the developers of the game, has stated that he wishes to ‘revive’ these games. They have announced plans to modify the game and implement new features. This means that, no matter how many times you’ve played these games, there will be something new for everyone to enjoy upon release. According to Sakurai, he played a number of both classic and modern Sonic the Hedgehog games in order to develop a basis for Sonic’s appearance in Brawl.

Sonic Canonically Loves to Breakdance

Given that Sega claims to be celebrating Sonic’s 30th anniversary, it’s about time they give Sonic the Hedgehog’s 8-bit incarnations the recognition they sorely deserve. And if you’re a Sonic fan who’s only now learning of their existence, take them for a spin — you’ll be surprised what you’ve missed out on. Ancient or Aspect could have taken the easy route and all but copied the original Mega Drive games, dialed down to something the Master System and Game Gear could handle. Instead, they delivered four entirely different and entirely entertaining Sonic the Hedgehog games that deserve to be spoken of in the same breath as the Genesis / Mega Drive titles. The 8-bit Sonic the Hedgehog was the game that made me stick with Sega, instead of trading my Master System in for an NES. And when I had the opportunity to upgrade , I chose the platform that would give me more of the blue streak’s adventures.

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